The Subscription Dilemma

Are subscriptions right for your business?

Subscription billing is big, and it’s only getting bigger. If you're like a lot of digital businesses, you’re eager to leave perpetual licensing behind and dig into your piece of the subscription pie.

But are you sure that a recurring billing model is what’s best for your business – and for your customers?

Be wise: before you take the plunge, consider how you’ll build a subscription program, how your customers will adapt and what type of subscription management application you'll use. Grab our ebook to explore the challenges and opportunities that a subscription model entails.

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Before you make the switch, you must answer some tough questions, like:

  1. Which type of subscription model best fits my business?

  2. What are the pros and cons of subscription billing?

  3. What do all successful subscription businesses have in common?

  4. Will a subscription model ultimately benefit my customers?

Many companies, wondering where the next big thing is coming from and who don’t want to sit back and watch someone else “Uberize” their business, are looking to subscription-based models to transform.

— Christine Dover, Research Vice President for Enterprise Applications and Digital Commerce, IDC

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