Six Guides on Ecommerce Essentials

All you need to succeed

Great things come in small packages. These six ecommerce guides are short enough to fit into your busy day and smart enough to strengthen your online sales strategy.

What's included? You'll get full access to these resources:

  • Generating Revenue From Free Users
  • 13 Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment
  • Unlocking Effective In-App Commerce
  • AOV Acceleration
  • Holiday Gifts for Your Ecommerce Customers
  • Changes to VAT in 2015
Whether your business is SaaS, B2B or B2C, take it to the next level and start maximizing revenue with these valuable strategies. 

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Get the latest strategies for selling more software, including:

  1. How to unlock the power of the freemium model and turn trial users into paying customers

  2. The keys to driving more in-app purchases

  3. Increasing your AOV with smarter testing, pricing and upsell/cross-sell execution

With the right strategy and the right execution — plus a strong foundation in predictive analytics — you can create a win-win situation for your company and for your customers. While they get the satisfaction of scoring the best deal, you'll see your AOV increase.

— AOV Acceleration: A Guide to Increasing Average Order Value

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