Selling Software Online to European Customers

Sell like a local

Digital ecommerce is a relatively straightforward affair when selling to folks who live near you. But what if you want to sell to consumers far away? Then things get a little more complicated...

Selling across the EU requires specific knowledge of local markets and strategic partnerships with global payment providers. Because European shoppers value long-term relationships, your ecommerce experience must feel safe, secure and familiar for every customer – no matter where they’re located.

Fact is, presenting European customers with a checkout process that meets their expectations will increase your conversation rates significantly. Make it happen by downloading your copy of Selling Software Online to European Customers.

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In this ebook, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Conform to EU-specific rules and regulations governing ecommerce

  2. Build shopping cart and checkout experiences that meet European customer preferences

  3. Drive more sales with holiday promotions unique to vital European nations

No matter where in the world you find your customers, you have to tailor the shopping experience to them. Presenting European customers with product pages and shopping carts that meet their expectations will increase your conversion rates significantly.

— Business Without Borders: Selling Software Online to European Customers

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