Retaining Subscribers & Optimizing the Renewal Process

Going beyond customer acquisition

Gone are the days when companies could fixate only on transactions and conversion rates, and neglect other customer touchpoints.

Companies that make the shift from one-time transactions to nurturing ongoing relationships with customers are winning. Ongoing subscribers not only provide recurring revenue, but they also provide invaluable data to improve your offering and grow your business.

Download our guide for insider tips on how to retain subscribers and optimize the renewal process to dramatically improve the economics of your subscription business.

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Inside, you’ll find quick-and-dirty tips for:

  1. Connecting with new customers within the first 48 hours

  2. Leveraging customer education as a retention tactic

  3. Automatically decreasing churn with revenue retention tools

Focusing exclusively on customer acquisition – without a plan to reinforce value and nurture a relationship – is a recipe for short-term success and long-term failure.

— Retaining Subscribers & Optimizing the Renewal Process

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