What Does It Take To Retain Customers?

Strategies to reduce costly churn

Gone are the days when companies could fixate only on transactions and conversion rates, and neglect other customer touchpoints.

Today's customers can easily compare your pricing with your competitors, share positive or negative reviews of your product with their circles of influence, and demand more diverse and personalized options for engaging with your brand.

Losing existing subscribers can cost your business loads of money. Keep them coming back by grabbing your copy of this free guide and putting its tips to work for you.

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In this ebook, you’ll learn:

  1. What elements of your shopping experience to localize if you want to raise conversion rates

  2. How a global payment processing infrastructure can help maximize revenue

  3. Why your pricing strategy can make or break your push into new markets

The business model focus has shifted from one-time transactions to nurturing and monetizing customer relationships. The result of this shift is that you must continuously bring valuable experiences to customers — if you don’t, you risk them churning away.

— What It Takes To Retain Customers

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