How to Localize Your Shopping Cart and Checkout Process

Best practices for tapping into regional markets

It's natural for growth-minded businesses to seek new customers outside their borders, especially when it comes to selling digital goods. But shoppers are different all over the world. To maximize global revenue, a business must appeal to every shopper, regardless of location or language.

That's where localization comes in. Effective localization creates customer comfort and convenience at every stage of the buying process. This means happier customers and higher conversion rates.

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In this white paper, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Use analytics tools to better understand who is visiting and buying from your site

  2. Price your products to appeal to customers from all over the world

  3. Localize form fields on your site to satisfy foreign shoppers and improve conversion rates

Thanks to a revolutionary growth in pervasive Internet technology, the borders of our global village have collapsed. Though this growth and pervasiveness has created a new paradigm of international trade, it has not created a homogenous set of shoppers. Each community still retains their particular preferences for marketing and buying that fuel local trade.

— How to Localize Your Shopping Cart and Checkout Process

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