A Trip Around the World in Five Pays

Global Ecommerce Payment Methods You Must Support

Growing beyond your domestic borders is a complicated affair. But for many digital businesses, international expansion is a logical next step.
Besides languages, preferred payment methods vary from country to country. And if your ecommerce platform doesn’t support them, you could be creating friction with customers in key regions and reducing conversion rates.

Make sure you're maximizing global revenue and not turning off foreign customers. Download our ebook to discover some of the more popular alternative payment methods around the world.

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In this ebook, you’ll learn:

  1. The payment method you must offer to scale the great wall of Chinese ecommerce

  2. The surprising expectation of installment payments in South America's most populous nation

  3. The tech-savvy country were cash is, surprisingly, still king - and how to support it

Limiting customers to standard payment methods will reduce international conversion rates. So before packing your bags to go global, make sure your ecommerce infrastructure is up for the journey.

— Around the World in Five Pays

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