5 Quick Tips for Ecommerce Pricing

Get your pricing right

A product's price is critical in determining whether or not a customer will convert. Get it wrong, and you could lose sales or, worse, risk alienating would-be customers.

Don't let your pricing hurt you. Get it right by pricing your products with both customers and shareholders in mind.

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Get quick-and-dirty pricing tips that can add up to higher sales, including:

  1. The psychological reason for listing your prices in round numbers

  2. How to add more flexibility into your pricing model

  3. Which volume pricing strategy is right for your business

Product pricing is easily one of the most important steps in a product’s lifecycle and requires continuous evaluation. Price your product too high and you send potential customers to your competitors – price too low and you could leave money on the table.

— 5 Quick Tips for Ecommerce Pricing

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