5 Rules for Selling Software Online in the United States

Tips for a mature, sophisticated market

Digital ecommerce is a relatively straightforward affair when selling to folks who live near you. But what if you want to sell to consumers far away? Then things get a little more complicated...

The United States is a dynamic, multicultural economy with many regional idiosyncracies. U.S. consumers are seasoned online shoppers, so your ecommerce experience must be top-notch to win in this massive country.

But successfully cracking the U.S. ecommerce market has the potential to transform your business. Learn how it's done by downloading your copy of Selling Software Online in the United States.

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In this ebook, you’ll learn:

  1. Why your business will seriously benefit from growing its presence in the U.S

  2. Which languages and payment methods you need to offer in your shopping cart

  3. The importance of optimizing your buying experience for mobile shoppers in the U.S.

You need to create a customized e-commerce experience that lines up with the expectations of your target market. But that’s no simple task, especially when that market is the largest, most profitable one on the planet: the United States.

— Business Without Borders: Selling Software Online to Customers in the United States

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