Eight Critical Capabilities for Global Ecommerce

Tips for International Ecommerce Expansion

Going global is a great way to grow an online business. But the unique circumstances of global ecommerce call for unique systems and processes. Organizations that fail to address these complexities up front can end up with a poor customer experience, low sales revenue and higher-than-expected costs in key regions.

To help you avoid such results when growing your digital business globally, we’ve identified the eight most critical capabilities companies must employ to maximize global revenue.

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In this ebook, you’ll learn valuable ecommerce management tips, including:

  1. What elements of your shopping experience to localize if you want to raise conversion rates

  2. How a global payment processing infrastructure can help maximize revenue

  3. Why your pricing strategy can make or break your push into new markets

As internationalization grows, it’s becoming increasingly important to create ecommerce sites that account for a global audience. It’s also wise to consult native industry experts to do a quick quality check of all localization efforts before flipping the switch. Don’t assume what works for some, works for all.

— Eight Critical Capabilities for Global Ecommerce 

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