Convincing Internal Stakeholders You’ve Outgrown Your Payment Service Provider

Be the smartest person in the room

In 2017, 68% of business leaders are prioritizing initiatives to improve the customer experience. Since the right payment service provider plays a huge role in delivering a great customer experience, replacing one you've outgrown should be an easy sell, right?

Not so fast. Your colleagues or superiors might need to understand how the right solution can make their lives easier before buying in.

Help them see things your way with this ebook. It covers the biggest concerns of your colleagues in finance, marketing, sales and technology – and offers strategies for getting each department on board with your decision to replace a payment services provider that could be turning off your customers. 

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In this ebook, you’ll learn how to achieve consensus on investing in new payment infrastructure, including:

  1. Pointing out increased overhead costs from building and supporting an in-house solution to finance

  2. Showing sales & marketing leaders how the right solution can boost conversion rates and revenue

  3. Assuring your technology leaders that change will not disrupt existing systems and processes

Upgrading your payment service provider isn’t just about fnding a cheaper merchant account or payment gateway. It’s about investing in your future by acquiring the capabilities you need to ensure growth and sustainability.

— Convincing Internal Stakeholders You’ve Outgrown Your Payment Service Provider

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