What Does It Take To Convert Global Customers?

Your guide to growing global revenue

Global B2C ecommerce revenue is projected to hit $2.14 trillion in 2017 — and most of these sales will come from customers located outside of the United States. If your goal is growing online revenue, you’ll need to start acquiring and converting customers in new markets.

But the global ecommerce landscape gets complex quick. You must filter out the noise and focus on what really counts. Start by downloading this free ebook, packed with actionable tips you can use to improve conversion rates in key geographies. 

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Winning international customers boils down to three things:

  1. Providing a native experience to customers in every region

  2. The right infrastructure for global payment processing

  3. Strategic testing and optimization to increase revenues across the globe 

Optimizing the customer experience isn’t easy. Growing your online revenue on a global scale requires vision and commitment — plus the infrastructure to make it happen.

— What It Takes to Convert Global Customers

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