Subscription Metrics & Reporting Tips

Take a fresh look at your business

Financial and revenue metrics are the responsibility of your Finance team (they love that stuff). 

But in today's subscription-based world, the role of your Finance team is changing. No longer just the cost accountant, Finance can actively drive growth across all functions of your organization.

Make their lives (and yours) easier with this ebook. It explains how to use common subscription metrics and subscriber roles to understand how existing business potentially impacts future revenue -- and adjust your processes to capitalize.  

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In this ebook, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Measure value with relevant subscription metrics

  2. Assign useful subscriber identities to understand how different customers impact your business

  3. Analyze and report by cohort and subscriber role to unearth new opportunities

  4. Determine and act on the most meaningful insights for your business

Metrics should be owned jointly across all departments within your organization. Your CEO, CIO, CTO, CMO, VP of Sales and all other key stakeholders must be held accountable for transparently providing and contextualizing analytics on all business activities they own.

— Subscription Metrics & Reporting Tips

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