7 Tips for Growing Your Global Subscriber Base

To scale SaaS sales globally, act locally

The goal of every subscription business is to grow global recurring revenue streams and nurture long-term customer relationships. To scale your SaaS business effectively, you need to provide a seamless customer experience for your subscribers.

Easier said than done when you're selling to customers all over the world. Localization is the key to delighting customers wherever they might live. But localization means much more than simply translating a few pages on your website.

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In this ebook, you’ll learn how to scale SaaS revenues:

  1. Maximize renewals by localizing currencies, prices and payments methods

  2. Enhance the customer experience by designing for an international audience

  3. Mitigate risk through tax and regulatory compliance

Localization raises initial conversions, maximizes renewals and increases customer lifetime values. Additionally, it protects your business from the risks of a shifting global regulatory landscape.

— 7 Tips for Growing Your Global Subscriber Base

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